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Emily D for Change - Young Widows

Updated: Sep 3, 2020


In the second series of Emily D for Change, Emily, together with her friend Charlotte Paul, invites seven young widows to share their stories of experiencing the loss of their spouses. Sharing the intimate details of such a loss is two-fold - to help other young widows feel less alone and to give us a window into their grief as a way to understand the journey of losing someone we love.

In one of the stories, Shannon, mentioned how a stranger reached out to her when they saw a Facebook post announcing her fiance's passing. This woman, a card-carrying member, of the Young Widows Club, collects members of friends of friends in need and creates a supportive community. Charlotte Paul, a member of this club asked Emily to feature her widow's group. Charlotte, a financial advisor, fiercely focused on supporting and shielding widows both personally and professionally from the overwhelm that sets in when the flowers have died and life returns.. to their new normal. Charlotte helps women find their new normal.

Emily's hope for the Emily D for Change series is for all of us to learn how to be kinder and gentler with both ourselves and others. Read their stories here, Charlotte, Alison, Janice, Alexie, Sarah, Shannon and Kena.

Emily D for Change reminds us that life is both so hard and so beautiful.


Each person's story and challenges are unique, but here are some resources that were shared with us and we want to share with you. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for us.

Support groups: GRASP , The Dinner Party

Therapists: Healing Collective



EmilyD4Change celebrates people's stories and provides a window for people to share their personal experiences. It's about the unsung heroes who are left behind, the caregivers, the support people.

As a photographer Emily has had the honour of photographing key life stages - the joy of birth and the anguish of a persons final hours. Her understanding of the depths of love and the pain of loss expanded after those experiences. Instead of focusing only on what was lost, Emily learned that in many cases the people left behind want to focus on what was and what was gained from loving.

EmilyD4Change invites people to share their stories of love and love lost. Through stories and images, EmilyD4Change brings seemingly ordinary people forward to showcase how extraordinary they are, bravely facing loss and demonstrating the strength and remarkability of the human spirit.   Each story is unedited and shared based on what the survivor wants you, the reader, to know.

by Emily Doukogiannis

Emily Doukogiannis is a Toronto-based portrait photographer, expert storyteller and compulsive photo book maker. Her commitment to telling people's stories is something Emily does in her spare time via Emily D 4 Change and countless media outlets.

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