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making a photobook can be easy 

After working with hundreds of people just like you I can say with certainty that printing your digital photos. As a photographer in this business for more than a decade I know how to pull together everything you need to tell a good story. As a parent I know how painfully overwhelming this task can be.  ​ 

When it comes to digital photos we often think it's so far gone where can I even begin - clients often feel like they borrow my design and restoration skills in telling the story. You're the boss on the story we tell and how you want to feel when you gather your family around this book. 

Book making services

hard covered book

  • This is great for weddings, once in a life time vacations or a memorial book   

  • 100  pages  

  • Hard-covered lay flat album 

  • Instructions on selecting photos comes via email 

soft covered book



this is great for a multi year book, decade book - ie casual everyday books 

  • up to 200 pages

  • Photos edited and restored 

  • Instructions on selecting photos come via email

Ask Emily Anything


Includes a 30-45 minute call
with Emily where you get:

  • to pick her brain on anything from organizing your photos to a photobook layout.​

  • Editing notes on your photos

  • Other photography questions as they come up in conversation.

* All Products/Services are plus applicable HST


How long does this usually take? 6 weeks from our first call to having your book in your hands. 

I want to include lots of writing in my book is that ok? Sure. We can build that into the design process. That happens in the second phase. 


What if I want more than one book? No problem. If you want to make a wedding book and a ten year book and I’ll give you a small discount on additional books. 


How many pages are the books?  Up to 200.


What if my photos don’t print well? It’s not ideal but it’s ok. We have lots of restoration options. 


What if my photos aren’t all in one place? Again, it’s ok. Your photos have an automatic organizing system within your devices. It varies amongst devices but once we know what you have I will give you detailed instructions on how to find them. 

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