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Parenting children can feel like such a slog - we think we’ll remember every detail about our growing families – the dimples, cowlicks, sticky faces, tantrums (oh the tantrums) and silly expressions – but memories fade making photographs that elicit vivid memories matter even more – and good ones are even more important.


Our family portrait sessions are about capturing the joy and beauty that exists within your family and each of its members – in beautiful, bright natural light. And yes, that’s possible even if we have a sullen teen or tantrum-y toddler working against us.

Connect with us.

Email to book a session. 



A stress-free way to get a great selection of bright and natural family shots

  • A dressing guide

  • A 60-90 minute photoshoot at your home or other favourite Toronto location*

  • An online viewing/sharing gallery (where you can also order more/larger prints)

  • All digital files delivered within two weeks of the session

  • In my Leslieville Studio or a location of your choosing

Session Fee: $999 + HST (includes for all photos)

  • A 45 minute photoshoot in the East End of Toronto - Park or Beach option (in studio rain location)

  • A dressing guide

  • An online viewing/sharing gallery 

  • 10 final digital files from 30 proofs to choose from

Price: $599 + HST

* Travel fees may apply

Bonus: All packages include an invitation to all Emily D client events – including our free (and very popular!) Halloween photo day!

You captured our family perfectly. Each photo is artistic and framed beautifully to enhance us and our home. You managed to truly capture each of the girls’ spirit and personality.


When you’re ready to book your session, you will be sent a contract to sign and an invoice for the session. Your spot is secure once we receive both those things back. From there, here’s what you can expect:


  1. You’ll receive a dressing guide and some preliminary information via email

  2. We’ll connect with you for your session consultation, where we’ll chat briefly about your family and your hopes/goals for the shoot, as well as nail down a date and time (if we haven’t done that already when you booked).

  3. You will receive a reminder email a week before your shoot.

  4. We’ll see you on picture day!

  5. Once your shoot is over you will receive your proofs within two weeks of our session where you can purchase prints, albums and packages. Don't worry we hold you hand the entire time. 

A quick pep talk: We completely understand that kids don’t always cooperate and that not everyone (ahem, your spouse) is comfortable in front of the camera. That’s perfectly ok! You can count on us to ‘read the room’ as we go and hustle, slow down or entertain as necessary. In other words, perfection is overrated, we’re in this together and will get the shots no matter what!

Help – I’m not photogenic! and I hate having my picture taken!

You probably haven’t been photographed by someone who has studied portraiture. Cameras only produce beautiful results if you know how to use them. Thinking about it is worse than actually doing it. It’s my job to get you smiling and put you at ease.

What if it’s raining the day of my outdoor shoot?

If they’re calling for rain on the day of your outdoor shoot, we will wait until a few hours before your session to decide whether or not to reschedule. If a reschedule is necessary, I will contact you and we’ll reschedule as soon as possible or give you the option of moving into my Leslieville Studio. Sometimes a little drizzle has amazing results.

How do I prepare my kids for a photo shoot?

A photo shoot can be nerve-wracking for adults, but kids typically don’t have the same negative associations with having their picture taken. State the facts – tell them you are being photographed, that you’re really excited, and we’re really nice and lots of fun.


I know it’s hard, but on the day-of, the best thing you can do is hang back – the less you intervene when I’m working with your kids the better the session will be. Kids are encouraged to be themselves – we’ll let them be silly, and I’ll recruit your help if we do need them to calm down, but it rarely comes to that.

Can I add headshots to my family shoot for me and/or my partner?

Of course. Adding a headshot session is $200 so long as you we discuss the add on beforehand. On the day of your session it can be tricky to add in extras due to timing, so please do let me know in advance.

What happens after our shoot is over?

Within two to four weeks (the exact date will be in your contract), your images will be ready to view. You will get an email with the subject “Your Photos Are Ready”. This email will contain a link to an online gallery, where you will be able to view images, download them, purchase prints, and share with family and friends.

What if I need my photos back faster?

No problem. I charge a $500 fee for a 24-hour rush turnaround, and $350 for 48-hour turnaround. Same day turnaround (for headshots only) is available for a fee of $400.


want to look relaxed and casual in your photos? 

I'm sharing some subtle tweaks you can do/tell someone before they capture your photograph.

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