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Chaos to Keepsake

Why chaos to keepsake? 

Chaos to Keepsake is a course that simplifies the process of printing your photos. It will break down how to  organize, edit and print your photos and completely cut out the overwhelm. Whether you want a giant photo wall, to design books, print or organize stacks of existing photos this course is for you. You will speedily catch up on the backlog that's causing you needless stress and have a solid plan to move forward with ease.  

Why should you care about printing your photos? 

The photographer in me wants you to know that digital files age like any other piece of technology. And, when technology ages it becomes more annoying and costly to access and make them communicate with current technology. Think of a digital photo as a VHS tape - you could certainly plug your VCR into your TV but the new smart TV’s would require a different plug to connect it and the picture would be pretty crummy. Digital photos are like a VHS tape - do yourself a favour and print them so you won't have issues in the future. 

The mother, daughter, wife and memory keeper in me wants you to know that the photos you painstakingly take shrink a little bit every year. If you don't print your photos the rapidly advancing technology makes it so that you need to print them smaller and smaller. 

Like many of you reading this - my only introduction to telling my family's story was watching my Mom print a roll of film after a special occasion, stand by the garbage when we got home and throw the closed eyes ones in the bin from there she would slip the rest into one of ten photobooks that live under her coffee table to this day. That’s it - the story of my parents pre kid life and my childhood are ready for me and my kids to consume every time we go for a visit. The difference between our parents and us is this - they only had one option in the 80’s and most of the 90’s so she didn’t have to think about it. She’s a naturally organized person who had one system and never faltered. 

If you’re like me, and have a full and overflowing life join me in finally getting your images off your devices and into your life. 


What you get in the course:


  • Clarity - you start by defining what you want from the images you have. This course is a self study and you can do it at your own pace and on your own time. 

Course Outline:
The course is done at your own pace - you can do it in a weekend or over six months. It's done at your own pace. 
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lesson 4

Start off on the right foot with immediate peace of mind by backing up your photos and defining your story line. 


Where we get to start having fun - choosing your bookmaker!


Culling your photos - this is the process I use to sift through the photos I want in a lightning fast way. You will learn how to ignore the clutter and make quick decisions that allow you to quickly collect the photos to make your book. 


Editing and preparing your files for printing - whether you want a photo wall, a stack of prints or books preparing them for printing is key to getting beautiful results.  It takes two or three easy steps to prepare your photos - no new technology required to do it. 


Designing your project! The nuts and bolts of your photo wall or book - everything you need to know to make a great book now and forever.

The Wrap up - the final push to get your project done!


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lesson 6

what people are saying

Emily’s photo book course has been just what I needed to stop procrastinating about the overwhelming number of pictures I needed to print. She provides really helpful advice and a method of tackling the pics in a way that is manageable. Emily makes something that is daunting feel fun! It’s a weight lifted! Thank you, Emily!

I’m so thankful for this course. It’s been just what I needed. Also, a little  Control over something at a time when it feels like we have control over nothing at all!


Emily’s “Chaos to Keepsake” course has been amazing! Her simple, flexible, and totally manageable approach has helped this very busy and very lazy mama finally make baby books, and also taught me the skills I need to ensure my photos are safe for the long haul. She took the time to really listen to my story to help me make books that capture my unique motherhood journey. And the online class sessions have been helpful and fun!

All courses are available for 6 months. During the 6 months you will have access to Emily via a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and dip into the collective knowledge of past book makers like you. 

Need help creating an Annual Photobook?

In this email course, you will learn how to make an annual photo book that celebrates your greatest adventures and silliest everyday moments.  

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