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Our newest and most exciting offering is a buildable book that allows you to add a single photo that best represents your child year after year.  Having a simple book that shows your kids grow and change from year after year allows you to print photos in the season you take them - which means they will print at their best. 

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Why should you care about printing your photos? 

The photographer in me wants you to know that digital files age like any other piece of technology. And, when technology ages it becomes more annoying and costly to access and make them communicate with current technology. Think of a digital photo as a VHS tape - you could certainly plug your VCR into your TV but the new smart TV’s would require a different plug to connect it and the picture would be pretty crummy. Digital photos are like a VHS tape - do yourself a favour and print them so you won't have issues in the future. 

The mother, daughter, wife and memory keeper in me wants you to know that the photos you painstakingly take shrink a little bit every year. If you don't print your photos the rapidly advancing technology makes it so that you need to print them smaller and smaller. 

Like many of you reading this - my only introduction to telling my family's story was watching my Mom print a roll of film after a special occasion, stand by the garbage when we got home and throw the closed eyes ones in the bin from there she would slip the rest into one of ten photobooks that live under her coffee table to this day. That’s it - the story of my parents pre kid life and my childhood are ready for me and my kids to consume every time we go for a visit. The difference between our parents and us is this - they only had one option in the 80’s and most of the 90’s so she didn’t have to think about it. She’s a naturally organized person who had one system and never faltered. 

If you’re like me, and have a full and overflowing life join me in finally getting your images off your devices and into your life. 

what you get? 
+ 20 page album 
+ Made from sustainable materials
+ Holds up to 20 photos
+ Includes printed photos you have to date - Emily will restore and edit all to date

Need help creating an Annual Photobook?

In this email course, you will learn how to make an annual photo book that celebrates your greatest adventures and silliest everyday moments.  

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