We believe that school portraits should capture the essence of a child exactly as they are. As such, we are mindful not to overwhelm our small subjects – or put undue pressure or expectations on them. In a relaxed and approachable way, we’ll welcome them warmly, encourage them to be themselves and capture a timeless and authentic portrait.


In addition to a better photo, we’re proud to offer an easy online ordering experience for parents, at zero cost (or hassle) for the school.

Please contact us for more information or to book a school photo session – or read on below for some answers to commonly asked questions.

Working with Miss Emily D. is a joy and pleasure. Emily makes getting the pictures of young children easy and smooth. With minimal equipment she arrives and goes with the busy flow of our morning creating a seamless process for us all. She smiles and giggles as our little ones resist getting their photo taken. Emily has patience and makes the best noises to engage children and make them feel comfortable. What we love most about her is the gorgeous, authentic photos she captures of the kids. 
Cassie St Amand
Director, Apple Jacks Preschool.
How does it work?

Here’s the process we follow once you book me for your school photographs:

  1. We chat on the phone to discuss and firm up the details for your shoot day

  2. I provide you with a PDF to send parents that covers off how to prepare for photos, and a ‘reminder’ poster for your walls so nobody forgets the big day

  3. Picture day(s)! Our goal is to be in and out as quickly as possible to offer the least disruption to your staff and kids. We are mindful of naps and lunch breaks.

  4. Within 10 business days of picture day, photos will be sent directly to parents for online viewing and ordering

How does the online viewing and ordering work?

Here is an overview of the process:

  1. We send you a link that you send to parents, where they will register online

  2. Once they’ve done that, families will receive a link to a password-protected online ordering gallery.

  3. Each child will have 4-7 images for the family to choose from

  4. Photo prints - and/or digital download(s) - can be purchased directly from these galleries, and will be mailed home (eliminating the need for coordination at school).

What’s included in a school portrait package?
  • All equipment and personnel needed for photo day.

  • Digital copies of all photos for your institution to use for yearbooks, your website, school advertising, school ID’s, or however you wish to use them - in the format you need them.

  • Staff photos and complimentary digital downloads for staff members

  • Hard copy class photos for every child delivered directly to the school for distribution.

  • A direct line of communication for parents who may have questions or concerns

How many students can you accommodate?

​From a couple of dozen up to several hundred, and all ages – we’ve worked with students from age six weeks right up to 18.

Do you offer sibling portraits?

It is an option - absolutely.

What kind of help do you require from us on picture day?

We’ll bring all personnel required for the photography but will need one staff person to be responsible for the flow of the day. This involves calling classes and making sure kids are not distracting one another, so we can move through the day with minimal delays and disruption.

How long do you spend with each child?

Usually between two and five minutes.

Are the images expensive? How do they compare to ‘standard’ school photos?

Our rates are comparable to traditional school portraits. I offer a variety of collections and a-la-carte products to fit virtually any budget.

What time of year are you available for school portraits?

All year round.

How are you different from the other large organizations?

In several ways. Firstly, we take a little extra time to focus on each child and connect with them - which makes for wonderfully authentic and beautiful photos. We also make it as easy as possible for the school administration – you won’t have to follow up with parents, hand out photos, or anything like that – my goal is to provide both a seamless process and a superior product. We also aim to use natural light - which means your children don't’ have big flashing lights overwhelming them.