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I made my sister in law a wedding album as a gift for a big milestone birthday. She and my brother in law were married five years ago in a rocking family party. It was so much fun. After the wedding my sister in law sent me her online wedding album and I noticed that web photos were included in the package - which is super common.

The way most wedding photographer packages work, with full support from me, is that they work their guts out on the day of the wedding and have up sell options for printing albums. In many, and, I mean every single situation I have ever seen is - super high resolution images aren’t normally shared because they take forever to send and are really cumbersome to manage. As a photography community giving full high res images also allows people to edit photos which photographers don’t really like.

The web ready photos that were included in my sister in laws package have aged which means they shrink to preserve resolution. Which means they probably started out being able to print around 10x12 or 16x20 and now they print beautifully. I was able to make an 8x8 book. I shared a reel on instagram of how you can find out how to figure out the size of your photos here.

If you’re like one of my many, and I mean MANY, friends who don’t have a book here is what you can do for the most common issues.

  1. If you had your friends take photos - pull them together and take screen shots of the low res images. Then make a book. If you got married more than 5 years ago this might be your only option.

  2. If your photographer offered a book but you didn't take it - I would say bite the bullet and make a book. Seriously. I say that because the photographer who made your book knows exactly how to tell your story, likely has your high res files and can re-edit them for you - they did photograph it after all.

  3. If your photographer doesn’t make books - I can do it for you. Choose the annual book option here.

  4. If you were married recently and have all of your photos and want to make your own book. I would suggest this one from Artifact Uprising. If you create a book similar to the one I made for my sister in law - 8x8 layflat and 100 pages the cost would be $500ish USD.

  5. If you want a cost effective option - reach out and I’ll happily lay out your options for a soft covered book.

And, on a good news note I can do it for you! Choose the hardcovered option here.

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