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School Years Photo book

Are you the parent who photographed your little one with a sign every year? If so and you haven't yet printed them I have the best solution for you here.

If you're like AS IF I had time for, was organized enough, insert reason here - but you're still keen to do it this blog post is for you. I don't like staged same place same time photos. I find the thought of it stressful. But, what does work for me is plunking my favourite photo from that year into my school days book. The photo above is the one I chose for this year since it so perfectly encapsulates who my G is - 13, make up laden who is happiest surrounded by her friends. The photo is most certainly not like her earlier portraits where the lighting is just right. The reason for that is because she's 13 and it's harder to get her to pose for a photo and then it looks fake and I get yell-y and the photo ends up being terrible. Ha! It's the reality of having a teenager and my goal is to capture an image of her that represents who she is not one that showcase my photography talents.

I sent this photo off to the lab today and will happily put it in her school days book later this week.

If you're reading this and you have a pang to create your own book - here is an easy way to approach the task whether you purchase my school days book or have your own book.

Step 1: Buy my school days book or use a photo book you already have.

Step 2: Scroll through your phone and either choose your favourite image from that year or the image that most represents who they are from that time. In Grade 2 G loved to pose and look silly. In Grade 5, during COVID, she spent all of her time dancing and slathering make up on her face.

Step 3: If you purchased my school days book I'll edit and print them for you. If you have your own book send your top picks off to print. I like Pikto because they are archival quality.

Step 4: If you purchased my school days book - I'll compile the photos in the book and send it to you. If you are diy'ing it - stuff the photos in your book and call it a day.

On a final note you might be wondering why I use sticky paged insert as you go page albums. The reason is because our kids are in school from JK to Grade 12 - that 14 years of and if the history of digital photography is any indication of how digital files print poorly after long spans of time then I don't want to take any chances.

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