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What to do with your photo slides?

In my class, Chaos to Keepsake, at least one person asks me how to digitize their families slides. The short answer is this - you basically have two options.

  1. Buy yourself a slide convertor and do it yourself. However, the skills you need to make them look great is the ability to remove dust once you scan them and potentially edit them. The one Jess talks about in the video is an Epson V600. Oh, and you'll need A LOT of time. Hundreds of hours. Hundreds depending on how many you have to scan. Jess had about 200 and took the better part of a year scanning them.

  2. Send them away to have them scanned for you. Clients have paid about $1/slide to be scanned. If you have a ton of slides and want to see what's on them there are a bunch of really great apps you can use to see them on your iPhone. Slidescan looks interesting - it won't really let you remove the dust and do all the things that made Jess' book look amazing but it can help you widdle down the ones you don't want.

To watch me interview Jess about her process find the 30 minute video here.

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