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Porch-traits - Oct 3rd/4th

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Who are these sessions for?

+ Someone who wants a quick shot, or three, of their family to capture the time they are currently in.

+ People who can be flexible with timing - sign up for a morning or afternoon spot and you will be assigned your spot the day before your session.

+ Can you buy more photos? Yes, of course if there are more. Here is a peek at our last session.

Porch Sessions: 10 minute portrait session on your front porch $225

+ 10 minute session on your front porch photographed at a safe social distance

+ 3 final digital files

+ Final time slots will be provided 48 hours before session

If you're interested in what a session looks like take a peak HERE.

The way it works. You sign up for a morning time slot. 48 hours before your session we will send you an email letting you know approximately when you can expect us. Within a week of your session We will send you a link to your gallery where you can choose your top three favourite photos. To get a peek of what you'll get to choose from follow this link.

Sign up for a time slot today.

If this date doesn't work for you send us an email to get on our waiting list -

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