• Emily

Photographing your kids at Halloween

There is something magical about kids in Halloween costumes. If you want to capture that magic, like I did with Everett above, follow these 3 tips.

Here are my top 3 tips and a script for doing exactly what I've done with my little guy, Everett, er, I mean batman ;-).

Start with your goal - the photo you actually want is a photo of your child being their character. The most amazing part is watching your little ones interpretation of that character. So telling them to smile and pose is not what you're after. When it comes to kids in Halloween costume the weirder the better. 

Let’s use my son Everett a few years ago as an example. On a side note in my minds eye when I think of Everett during Halloween he will always be Batman. He wore this costume for years on a daily basis. 

Here are my top three tips: 

Step 1: Find a blank backdrop with good light. If you're in Toronto find a grey or white wall (they are EVERYWHERE if you look for them) and plunk your little one in front of it - before 10am and after 4pm are wonderful lighting times. Bonus points if it's a bit overcast.

Step 2: Before photographing your little one get your camera settings right. If you’re up against a grey wall your kids costumes will be exactly as they are meant to be so you won’t have to edit. If you find a different colored backdrop your camera could change the color of your child's costume or skin color depending on the wall color. Google white balance is you’re curious. If using an iphone or samsung once your little one is in position put your finger on your little ones face and a box with a sun will pop up just to the left of it. That allows you to darken or lighten your image. Don't overthink this - when you like what you see snap your photo.