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Photobook Making Course: Chaos to Keepsake

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This is the course for you if you have:

+ Thousands of photos and have not a clue where to start.

+ 'Create photo books' on your to-do list for months/decades.

+ Tried to make books but don't have a clue where to start and when you do it becomes abundantly clear that it's really hard.

+ When you do print photos they are dark, or fuzzy or or or or or.....

Here is what I know - gone are the days where our parents would take a roll of film, toss the terrible ones, put them in a big sticky paged album and POOF forty years later the story of our lives is sitting under the coffee table for all to see.

I've been a Photographer and a Mother for the last decade and as a Photographer I can give you a very complicated description of why your photos won't print if you wait too long but in short - as your photos age they are basically old pieces of technology. what happens when you try to plug your VHS into the back of your 60 inch tv? If you're answer is - I wouldn't even know where to begin... well, that's what will happen with your photos you'll need to pay someone a bunch of money to make it work. As a Mother I can tell you it's hard to make books because this is emotional and you're getting caught up in stuff that doesn't matter.

Putting your photos together is an art not a science and like a painting no two family stories should be the same.

What you'll get is a six to eight week course (I've added a lot of buffer just in case you need extra help) that is equal parts hold your hand and kick your butt into doing it. When you get stuck I'll be there to push you through whether you have 100 books to make or two. We will do it together. If you want to move through quickly you can - if you need more time we have it so don't worry. Trust me - Just sign up and the rest will take care of itself.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Welcome, backing up checklist and defining your story line. Printing your test prints.

Week 2: Choosing your bookmaker - I'll present options and a formula to calculate the costs of different options

Week 3: Culling your photos

Week 4: Editing your files and preparing them for printing.

Week 5: Nuts and bolts of book making - everything you need to know to make a great book now and forever.

Week 6/7/8: Making your books

Process: this course is for everyone at every level regardless of your computer set up. Each week I will send your weekly pdf instructions along with a video course with live demos along with two weekly zoom office hour calls where you can come with specific questions and we will have the ability to share your screen.

Investment $149

New Class Starting on July 15th, 2020. Contact me here for more info.

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