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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

My goal with family pricing is to keep it simple. I've been a photographer for nearly a decade and one thing I know for sure is that families need help printing their images. There isn't a person in the world who needs more digital photos.

Each family package starts at $999. If you want all the digital files I'll send them directly - if you want a la carte items you will receive a $650 print credit applied to your account.

Sessions generally take 60-90 minutes for up to five people. Extra time will be allotted for groups larger than five - additional people are $25 and I encourage extended family members to join us.

If you are not familiar with my family work, you can view a recent session here

Two weeks after your session I will send you a link to your photos - if you want all of the digital files they will be ready for download. For a la carte packages this is your time to order. All images are hosted online for nine months for proofing and ordering.

A la carte sample pricing -

Basic print prices: 4x6 = $30 5x7 = $40 8x8 / 8x10 - $55 10x10 - $100 12x12 / 11x14 = $125 16x20 - $250 20x20 - $350 20x24 - $500 We offer a handful of different sizes not listed as well. Once images are online there is a 30% discount on all print orders placed within the first 10 days. The discount is for print orders only (think albums/packages of all prints etc.)

Note: if you place a print order of up to $1000 (that’s an album, packet of proofs etc), you get a copy of all digital high resolution files. We all have the best intentions in the world to print our photos and as time goes by the jpegs deteriorate to the point where they are actually unusable (just try printing a photo from 8 years ago - it will look awful). My goal is to help you print the images from your sessions be it albums, loose prints or wall portraits. To reserve your session, half of the fee, $500, is due along with any applicable taxes or travel fees.

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