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My favourite affordable framing photo tips....

I have some great tips for displaying photos in your living space. People can be funny about where they place personal intimate photos - whether you are a big photo wall in the living main living space or tucked away in bedrooms this post is for you.

Personally I don’t get anything professionally framed until I have the image on my wall for a few months. If I still love it after a few months I'll invest in a pricier option. Often times my kids will grow and I'll want to refresh our space with an updated photo. In our family we have a single family photo amidst a gallery wall of original art that I've collected over the years, loose photos on the fridge and an acrylic block that allows me to swap out photos of our kids for Mike’s desk (see above sample - I also have a few in stock if you'd like to purchase one) and as a seasonal decoration at Halloween and Christmas.

Below you’ll find display options and tips for purchasing - either for your home or to give as a gift.


An acrylic reusable frame is my favorite. I like the look of acrylic because it’s shiny and bright. In the frames I sell you can change up the photos really easily from year to year. We have one in each of our seasonal boxes - we change up Halloween photos, our annual family photo and I give my spouse an updated photo for his desk every year for Christmas. These are easy. I print a new photo and slip it in when I feel like it. Every year that I pull them out and update them I place them in the School Book and pack them away.

Framing - there are some excellent frames that you can buy from big box stores. We have friends who pick up frames at Value Village when they see one they like and have a really eclectic and happy photo wall as a result. See below for more companies I like to work with.

I have three rules when it comes to buying frames:

  1. Make sure the corners match up perfectly where the wood or metal meets. If they don’t the frame will likely end up shifting and ruining your photo or coming apart.

  2. When placing my photo in the frame I always tape the top and bottom to the mat. I do this because, over time, the frame backing can loosen and the photo falls to the bottom of the mat.

  3. Purchase a white mat - ikea sells ones that are slightly off white and, in cases, isn't a standard size so a standard size doesn't fit.

COMPANIES I like purchasing frames from:

West Elm - they have nice metal frames that look modern and classic.

Ikea - they have well priced large frames and I always cut a mat at the framer - I always always always have to dig for a frame that meets perfectly at the corners though.

Indigo - has great sales on one inch wood frames and they have white mats.

Bonus Tip: if you want to make your framing look more custom and have time to be a bit fancy then drop into your local framing shop and ask them to cut a custom mat size for you. Consider printing a 4x5 or 6x8 photo - bring your frame and photo in and ask the framer to measure and make it custom for you. I did this recently for an 11x17 frame and it costs $20.

If you need a frame for a special print and want to go to a framer, my favourite in the city are Print Partners.

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