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Headshots Don't Have to Be Bad

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Let me tell you a little story - this woman, Lisa Chicules, is a talented brand strategist. She has worked for companies with one employee to thousands and do you want to see the headshot her, very stylish previous employer took of her.

I'm always shocked by how baaaaad bad bad headshots are. If you're like 'ugh, I look terrible in photos' I"m here to tell you that you've probably worked with a photographer who doesn't understand portraiture. Take Lisa - a talented brand strategist who is very hip and very current. She's the type of person with waiting lists to work with because. She's. That. Good.

My point is the photos I took of Lisa at the top of this post are based on who she is - smart, current and professional. When she came to me we hired Shira to do her make up and instructed her to go to her favourite hairstylist for a blow out. I told her to wear a structured top and keep her accessories to a minimum. The reality is - good quality fabric, structured clothing that fits well and professional make up is all you'll ever need - oh WAIT and me. You need me to take your photo.

Contact me today for a headshot session - make up can be arranged in my studio and sessions last for 45 minutes - there is no reason why we can't sneakily fit in before work one day, or after a family session.

by Emily Doukogiannis

Emily Doukogiannis is a Toronto-based portrait photographer, expert storyteller and compulsive photo book maker. Her commitment to telling people's stories is something Emily does in her spare time via Emily D 4 Change and countless media outlets.

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