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Choosing photos to put in a book

On day 2 of my FREE photobook making challenge I teach people how to cull their images. Cull is basically a fancy word for choosing the ones you really want. The second step in any of my courses is to select your images. I will often be asked how to do that so I created a nuts and bolts (non audio) video of me selecting images for a book I made from a recent trip our family took. You can find it here.

I often get asked how to even choose the photos to begin with. Well - the first step is to choose your topic - making a book is a lot easier if you know the point of said book. If you want to hear my 5 minute very free flowing thoughts on the matter you can access that video here.

I host a FREE five day photobook making challenge a few times a year. If you're interested in learning about it I would urge you to join my newsletter. You can do that here.

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