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Backing up your photos

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Last week my hard drive malfunctioned. This will be the third time this has happened. Not because I've done anything wrong but because the hardware died, like all pieces of technology. Which is what has happened to every piece of technology I've ever had. There is not a single piece of technology that I still have from University 20 years ago.

The interesting thing about my system is that when something does happen I don't actually lose anything.

Why? Well, it's because I have a proper back up system that ensures that I will never lose my photos. To be fair the only reason I care so much is because I'm a professional photographer and I don't print my client photos so it's fun to see my body of work.

Do you want the same system that I have? Ok, here we go.

Buy two external drives - put every photo you have on one drive and then back up the first to the second.

I bet you have a hundred questions - let me answer a few of the most commonly asked.

Why don't you use iCloud? There are two big reasons:

1. iCloud isn't a backing up service. iCloud was designed to help you share images and files across all of your devices.

2. If you delete a photo on your iPhone - or, more accurately, your kids needed to make room for another app on their iPad they would delete my precious photos. For sure.

What drive do you recommend using?

Seagate - it's been around the longest and, my tech support peeps, recommended it. A lot of people in my course have used and really like them as well.

I'm not technical so that seems hard.

Do what I do - hire Macmedics to manage it for you. I interviewed them on all things backing up. Find it here

I know that it doesn't feel like an easy task but, trust me, it's a necessary one.

by Emily Doukogiannis

Emily Doukogiannis is a Toronto-based portrait photographer, expert storyteller and compulsive photo book maker. Her commitment to telling people's stories is something Emily does in her spare time via Emily D 4 Change and countless media outlets.

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