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Babies First Year Book Workshop Announcement

This feels like a long time coming but I'm offering an in person workshop for a small group of 5 people. I have had many conversations and heard loud and clear that the more overwhelm I can remove in the photobook making process the better!

As a member of this little community I'd love to offer you first access to nab your spot before I release it to my larger newsletter community.

What you get: a ready to print book (books are not included in workshop price)

+ List of photos you'll need to bring to the workshop (screen shots are fine if you don't know where your photos are)

+ If you send your photos a week before the workshop - I will edit them and load them into the book making app

+ Template set up for you upon arrival - templates can be duplicated for use later if you have more children.

+ In person instruction and hands on help to lay it out