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A simple step you can take to cure your photo overwhelm

I posted a series of stories on my Instagram today about photos aging and what that looks like. I wrote a blog post about it too. I may be the most verbose person you will ever meet but I can assure you my greatest skill is looking at a problem and finding the simplest and easiest solution without being precious about it. If you are feeling deeply overwhelmed by your photography lot in life do this single task to get started.

Find a single photo from every year of your kids life and put it in a folder. If you can do that with ease you're in good shape. If you can't - you're still in good shape but you may need a bit of help finding them. Even if you choose a single photo it doesn't mean that you won't get to all of the other ones - don't get distracted but everything you have to do. Just take this first step. If you send me a photo by January 5th, 2023 from every year that your little one was born I will edit them for you and submit your name into a draw to win a School Days Book.

For example if your child is in Grade 5 - please send me a photo from JK to Grade 5 - that's 7 in total and I"ll edit them for you. Respond to this email and I'll tell you how to easily send them to me. Deadline to send is January 5th, 2023.

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