52 Weeks of G and Evie: 06.52




“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

A bit late but these photos were taken last week.  Evie is having some difficulty sleeping (that’s the understatement of the century but you don’t want to hear me whining) so bare essentials are all we’re capable of around here.  Things like blog posts featuring two super fun shoots I did last week, house work and cheery dispositions don’t always make it on our bare essentials list.  Anyway, I’m posting this quickly then flopping into bed for a much needed afternoon nap.  Printing orders will need to wait until I can see straight.

06.52 Evie


06.52 G

A portrait of my child

This photo of G holding out her hand will be used for our Valentine’s Day cards.  She’ll stick the image to a piece of red paper and put a lolly pop in her hand. I found the idea on the very clever blog Design Mom.  Apparently Valentine’s Day isn’t a big thing here.  Well the tacky red hearts sprinkled on the table on Valentine’s Day morning and heart shaped pan cakes are going to go over large around here.

Ok, don’t let the photo above fool you.  Evie will be awake and cooing for his human soother… er, I mean Mommy momentarily.

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